The Making of 2020 Vision

by | Oct 19, 2020

2020 Vision is the second single from the album Labyrinth, which is being released on a track-by-track basis.

A different song structure

I started writing the track at the start of this year. The structure of the piece has been impacted by the ups and downs of our shared experience, resulting in a departure from the usual song structure of verse-chorus-verse-chorus.

There’s the Intro, which sets up the “steady as she goes” groove for the start of the year 2020.

Then the month of March hits, with uncertainty and chaos reflected in distorted guitars.

The Main Theme Fanfare follows, sounding a positive sense of “OK, this is different, but we can deal with it”

A more contemplative section takes over as we try to figure out the right approach.

Then the music takes a darker turn as mistakes and mis-information cause confusion and pain. Clearly managing the situation is going to take a lot more work both individually and collectively.

The piece then resolves back into the Main Theme Fanfare returns, re-enforcing that “we can deal with this”

and ends with a straight-ahead groove reflecting energy and determination that we will figure things out.

The song launch so far – 10K Streams!

At the time of this post in the 30 days since launch the song has been streamed on Spotify over 10,000 times. You can see on the chart the impact the song has had. Speaking candidly, I’ve not had a song take off like this before:

2020 Vision 10K Spotify Streams

What is also very gratifying is that many first-time listeners have saved the song and added it to their personal playlists.

Access the music

Here’s the link to the song:

2020 Vision on Spotify

As well, if you’d like to stay tuned for the next music release planned for the start of November, please follow me on Spotify as well:

Thanks again for listening and being a part of my journey,