b Schmidt

Composer – Songwriter

Arranger – Producer


“b accentuates the quirky, chaotic and at times exotic harmonies and sounds that Bartok has written, while adding something completely original. The music is really engaging, imaginative and creative.”

Nahre Sol
Composer, Performer
Co-Host PBS Soundfield

Short Bio

Whether on stage in Nashville, composing film soundtracks or collaborating with fellow musicians, b Schmidt has spent years honing his talents as a composer, a songwriter, an arranger and a producer.

 His latest project “Bytes of Bartok” further builds on his extensive experience and reveals musical influences that range from pop and rock, to electronic/ambient, jazz and classical.

Innovative and unconventional, this electronic synthesizer-based, genre-spanning work grew out of hearing different sounds and colors while listening to solo piano works by esteemed Hungarian composer Bela Bartok.

 “Urban Sands REDUX,” his most recent album prior to “Bytes of Bartok” was remastered and re-released in 2020 and is also available on all major on-line services.



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