The Musical Journey Continues

by | Jun 27, 2022

Hi There, post my corporate career I’ve looked to share the ups and downs of making some kind of impression as a composer and now, a bassist in a rock band.

In this newsletter:

  • My first pop song garners 25,000 listens
  • I release a new instrumental album
  • I’m now a bassist in a rock cover band
  • An updated curated playlist for your next in-home dining experience


Plays: 25,000
Playlists: 69
Countries: 27
Top Countries:

Japan, Germany, USA, Australia, UK, Mexico, Brazil, Austria, Spain, Canada


2020 had 13K listens. Since then I’ve added another 52K to bring me up to 75K streams.

Biggest gain came from my first pop song (a co-write) “Vegas In Your Eyes” working with LA-based producer and singer.

The nature of getting onto multiple playlists involves getting onto lists curated by influencers. I was able to place on a couple from Japan and Germany. Then other playlist owners piggybacked by adding Vegas to their playlists.

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Playlists with multiple artists, versus albums, has become the norm for listening to music. So rather than releasing this album all at once, the strategy was to get single track releases onto multiple playlists.

This approach delivered another 25K of streams.

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Key Band Success Factors

  • Like one another
  • Musicianship level is comparable
  • All share the same level of commitment

And Now: RockShots!

Having spent the last two years stuck in front of my workstation, it was time to re-engage with live music.

I auditioned a couple of times as a bassist and was fortunate to connect with Rockshots, a rock cover band. We practice weekly and are now  playing live gigs.

Getting live gigs is all about demonstrating to bar owners that you have a following that may come out to eat and drink. Bar owners will look at the band’s Facebook page and look at the number of likes and follows when deciding who to book.

We would welcome your support if you could like and follow us on Facebook. Thank you in advance.

What’s For Dinner?

Given our expanded time with in-house dining,  here’s a curated list of positively flavored instrumental music featuring Darshan Ambient, Ulrich Schnaus, Tangerine Dream, Mike Oldfield and other talented composers. Enjoy!

Dinner Ambient PlayList