My First Year on Spotify and What’s for Dinner?

by | Jan 27, 2021

My First Year on Spotify

As part of my Linkedin and blue i music communities you are most likely aware that, at the start of 2020, I announced that I closed my Profitable Conversions consulting practice to focus on composing music. So here’s a snapshot of the first year of career transition:

In this newsletter:

  • Spotify results for 2020
  • Bytes of Bartok
  • The Start of Labyrinth
  • My new release “Main Street”
  • A curated playlist for your next in-home dining experience
Spotify 2020 Results

Plays: 12,800
Hours: 670
Listeners: 7,900
Countries: 50


Spotify is the dominant music steaming platform. I’m on it, with a profile and music catalog.

I started 2020 with a remix of the album “Urban Sand REDUX”, followed this with “Bytes of Bartok” in April, and started the release of “Labyrinth” on a track-by-track basis in the Fall.

As a new artist on Spotify I’m pleased with the initial traction, and hopeful that the upward trend continues.

Bytes of Bartok

April saw the release of “Bytes of Bartok”, a two-year labour of love that uses electronic synthesizers to re-imagine solo classical piano pieces of Bela Bartok, a highly regarded 20th century composer.

It’s enjoyed critical success, but Bartok is not exactly “mainstream” like the Beethovens and Mozarts in the already narrow genre of classical music.

I’m still working to find a commercial placement (movies, videos) for one or more of the works.

The Making of Bytes of Bartok video shows how I transformed piano to electronic music.

The single 2020 Vision : A positive up-tempo answer to our times.

And Now: Labyrinth

Playlists with multiple artists, versus albums, has become the norm for listening to music. Rather than releasing the album all at once, the strategy is to place singles onto multiple playlists.

This approach resulted in my music getting traction, with listeners sharing links and adding my music to their personal playlists. Three Labyrinth tracks have been released to date, with four more in the queue.

Main Street 

This up-tempo track from the Labyrinth album is supported by a video of street scenes from Toronto Canada – scenes and energy that we hope will return in the near future!

SPOTIFY – Main Street

VIDEO – Main Street Toronto 

What’s For Dinner?

Given our expanded time with in-house dining,  here’s a curated list of positively flavored instrumental music featuring Darshan Ambient, Ulrich Schnaus, Tangerine Dream, Mike Oldfield and other talented composers. Enjoy!

Dinner Ambient PlayList

What’s Next

This newsletter will highlight the ups and downs of my journey, and new music tracks will be published to Spotify. Newsletter is quarterly, new tracks are monthly. 

If you’d like to be first in line to hear the new tracks, please follow me on Spotify by following the link and clicking on the “Follow” button.

Thank you for reading, and I wish you and your close ones a positive and healthy 2021.


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