Gaining listeners on Spotify playlists through independent curation

by | Jun 17, 2023

There is an average of 49,000 new tracks uploaded every day to Spotify. There is an opportunity to pitch to Spotify-based curators which I use. Their criteria for adding songs to their curated lists goes beyond considering the piece of music submitted – they want:

  • a sense of your marketing plan (which I share)
  • your current number of followers (which is growing) plus
  • whether you can bring more new listeners/subscribers to their platform.

There are also independent curators of Spotify playlists who act as influencers – record labels, journalists, podcasters, music publishers, radio stations or simply music lovers – and they are actively engaged in the discovery of new music and sharing their finds with their followers.

My instrumental music has often been characterized as cinematic – music that could serve as soundtracks to movies, TV series and video games. To that end, I’ve been investing time in finding those influencers who enjoy discovering music that fills that niche, regardless of whether the music has been already placed within an existing movie, show or game.

To that end, I’d like to introduce you to The Hand Editions, a playlist curator and music publisher based in Italy focused on classical, electronica and instrumental music.  Their Spotify Cinematic DarkLight playlist includes such established notables as Hans Zimmer (multiple top ten movie soundtracks) and Carbon Based Lifeforms (a hugely popular Swedish electronic music duo) and I’m very pleased to have two music tracks Reverie and Discovery placed on their Darklight playlist.

Here’s the link to the Cinematic Darklight playlist, and a big THANK YOU to the Hand Editions.